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Products We Sell - Pravana

A holistic hair care line that believes in pairing the latest in biochemistry with time-proven natural ingredients. Pravana Shampoos are truly sulfate-free so that hair color lasts longer without stripping and damaging sulfates. Also Pravana products are free of Cetrimonium Chloride, MEA and DEA.

Pravana Color Ensure Conditioner

Pravana Color Ensure Conditioner is an intensive treatment formulated with natural soy and wheat amino acids. Color Ensure Conditioner instantly detangles and mends even the most damaged color-treated hair.

10 oz - $14.00 


Pravana Color Ensure Shampoo

Pravana Color Ensure Shampoo's gentle formula helps maintain the vibrancy of color-treated hair for a longer period of time. Color Ensure Shampoo lathers and rinses easily, leaving hair looking radiant and shiny.

10 oz - $14.00 / Liter - $24.00  

Pravana Deep Hydrating Hair Masque

Pravana Deep Hydrating Masque is an ultra powerful hair reconstructor composed of a unique blend of botanical proteins and natural moisturizers. Deep Hydrating Masque actually penetrates the hair and imparts its regenerating nutrients deep into the hair corfex.

10 oz - $14.00


Pravana Bold Defiant Design Gel

Pravana Bold Defiant Design Gel gives hair maximum control and style support. Bold Defiant Design Gel is completely water soluble and never builds up. This firm but lightweight gel provides extra protection against the effects of environmental damage and the sun's harmful rays.

10 oz - $13.00


Pravana Fiber Paste

Pravana Fiber Paste provides unmatched elastic support to virtually any style. Fiber Paste allows you to instantly rope, strand, or spiker hair with maximum hold, shine and texture.

4.3 oz - $14.00


Pravana Hydrating Conditioner

Pravana Sulfate - Free Hydrating Conditioner is specifically formulated to instantly replenish lost moisture and to restore a soft supple feel to even the most "stressed" hair.

10 oz - $14.00


Pravana Hydrating Leave-In Treatment

Two phase treatment: PRAVANA HYDRATING INTENSIVE LEAVE-IN Treatment is an instant moisturizer. It's rich botanical protein and moisturizing ingredients soften, detangle and provide incredible shine, without weighing hair down. INTENSIVE LEAVE-IN IS PERFECTLY pH BALANCED AND HELPS TO LOCK IN HAIR COLOR.

10 oz - $15.00


Pravana Hydrating Shampoo

Pravana Hydrating Shampoo is a unique formula specifically created to address the needs of those with dry or damage hair. Hydrating Shampoo helps to repairthe damage caused by chemicals, the elements and the stress of combing, brushing and thermal styling. Sulfate free.

10 oz - $14.00 / Liter - $27.00


Pravana Shine and Define Wax Water Base Pomade

Shine and Define Wax is a totally unique water-based pomade that provides control, beautiful sheen and lasting definition with a clean, fresh feel. It's the perfect hair sculptor and dressing.

4.3 oz - $14.00


Pravana Straightening Creme

Pravana Straightening Creme is a temporary hair relaxer activated by the heat of thermal styling tools. Natutral humectants and moisturizers assist in calming and smoothing hair while leaving it silky and shiny. Straightening Creme's natural thermal protectors and UV inhibitors work to block the damaging effects of the environment and insulate against the heat of blow dryers and irons.

10 oz - $15.00

Pravana Sulfate - Free Volumizing Shampoo

Pravana Sulfate - Free Volumizing Shampoo is an innovative sulfate-free shampoo that helps to give hair incredible volume and body. Volumizing Shampoo has the precise amount and blend of proteins to actually make each hair fiber stronger and thicker.

10 oz - $14.00 / Liter - $24.00  


Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray

PRAVANA Super Shape strong hold hair spray is formulated to hold all day. Humidity resistant. Ideal or all hair textures. Maximum hold without ever being stiff or sticky.

3 oz - $7.00 / 10.6 oz - $13.00 

Pravana Volumizing Conditioner

Pravana Volumizing Conditioner gives hair unbelievable volume and body without drying hair or striping color. Pravana's exclusive Naturceutical Complex of Plant-based proteins, natural emollients and moisturizers help to strengthen and provide shine and suppleness. Special UV filters protect hair against color robbing ultraviolet rays and environmental damage.

10 oz - $14.00 / Liter - $24.00