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Products We Sell - Pharmagel

Pharmagel Skin Care Pharmagel's new generation of specialized skin treatment is formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients-remarkably effective with immediate and lasting results. Never seen in cosmetic formulations-the use of pharmaceutical grade ingredients might possibly be the greatest scientific innovation for skin treatment in the past decade. In addition, a special collection of natural herbs and botanicals have been nurtured by the cosmetic chemists at Pharmagel Laboratories. These essences are added to Pharmagel's problem solving beauty treatments which are further fortified with vitamins for fast action anti-aging results. Triple testing during Pharmagel's entire blending process of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, vitamins and botanicals ensures that each product is free of irritants and as pure as possible. You'll see results in just two weeks with regular use!


Firma Derm is a fast action anti-aging, firming and moisturizing emulsion containing anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E, & C) for rapid repair and reversal of skin damage caused by aging and environmental stresses. The antioxidant shield tissues from destructive free radicals, slowing wrinkling and premature skin aging. The result is a younger, smoother, firmer looking skin with lasting results.

8.0 oz - $26.00


PHARMAGEL Botanical Tonique

An all natural fragrance-free, alcohol-free facial toner containing an infusion of botanical extracts which balances, nourishes and revitalizes skin while helping to tighten and refine pores. This extra-cherishing treatment leaves skin with a normal pH balance. BOTANICAL TONIQUE contains Passion Flower extract which offers extra firming benefits to the skin as it stimulates blood circulation for a healthier, younger appearance.

8.0 oz - $24.00


PHARMAGEL Fleur-5 Cleansing Bar

FLEUR-5 Natural Moisturizing Cleansing Bar contains the secret cleansing & clarifying properties of five rare plant essences. Luxuriate in the pure satiny lather of Chamomile, Aloe, Ginseng, Calendula Extract and Hawaiian Ginger. Your skin will feel wonderfully clean & soft as the moisturizing treatment benefits protect & care for the delicate needs of your skin. FLEUR-5 offers the benefits of purity in an all-natural cleansing for all skin types. Your skin will feel vibrant & healthy with a 24-hour continuum of moisture. Formulated without animal ingredients or color additives. There are no irritants in this specialized pH bar making it gentle enough for a baby's sensitive skin.

3.5 oz - $12.99



An extremely gentle facial buffer with natural grains suspended in a creamy clay-like base, sloughs off dry, dulling cells for a finer, smoother skin texture. Use of this magnificent product will leave you with a fresh, glowing appearance! Small apricot seeds are pulverized to a fine texture and then the edges are rounded prior to the compounding process of this fine product. This assures extra-gentle cleansing and exfoliation. EX-CELL contains the natural anti-aging enzymes of the pineapple and papaya plants known as papain and bromelain. The enzymes encourage natural exfoliation as well as increased cellular renewal leaving you with a fresher, smoother, younger appearance.

5.5 oz - $26.00


PHARMAGEL Complexe Eye Firme

Complexe Eye Firme®, an anti-aging eye treatment in gel form, contains an infusion of anti-inflammatory, toning, nourishing and firming properties which strengthen the delicate eye area tissue. This enriched antioxidant formula of Vitamins C, E and A stimulates collagen formation and reverses noticeable signs of aging as it lifts and smoothes eye contours. As circulation increases, the appearance of dark circles, eye area wrinkles & sagging tissue diminish.
Packaged in convenient pump applicator bottle.

1.0 oz - $30.00



PHARMAGEL NUTRA-LIFT is a quick drying facial masque - tones, firms, nurtures, hydrates and energizes - helping all skin types to perform at their highest level of efficiency. Environmental stresses and the aging process - diminish the skin's natural ability to stock essential substances. This deficiency creates an imbalance which affects every layer of the skin. NUTRA-LIFT, with its unique Liposome Delivery System, transports essential vitamins, Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, and humectants to skin cells which in turn give you beautifully clean, firm, nourished skin!

5.5 oz - $26.00



Derma Fade is Pharmagel's latest and most effective lightening and fading creme. Derma Fade is a light moisturizing creme with powerful skin lighteners and SPF 15 which helps fade age spots and skin discolorations for a more even flawless skin tone. Contains no Hydroquinone.

2.0 oz - $38.00


Pharmagel Beta-C

BETA-C, a moisturizing facial re-firming complex contains Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), the newest member of the Hydroxy Acid family, and Stabilized Vitamin C. The ingredients formulated into BETA-C represents the latest technology in the battle against skin aging. BHA rejuvenates the skin by increasing the rate of cellular renewal as it sweeps away dead cells. This all natural facial moisturizer gives longer lasting results in wrinkle reduction, facial firming and skin tone enhancement.

2.0 oz - $40.00


PHARMAGEL Complexe Eye Beauté

A unique herbal treatment in pad form-relieves the effects of puffy, swollen eye tissue often associated with allergies, fluid retention, aging and PMS. As we age, the thin skin around the eyes loses elasticity and therefore is susceptible to the retention of water and fat. Used morning or night, COMPLEXE EYE BEAUTÉ, with its high concentration of botanical extracts, smoothes and reduces that puffy, swollen appearance. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic, COMPLEXE EYE BEAUTÉ can be refrigerated for an extra pick-me-up.

60 pads - $29.00